About Us

International Association for Technology, Education and Language Studies (IATELS) is the international unity aimed to develop a vigorous community of researchers, practitioners, administrative bodies and institutions to enhance communication and experience sharing in the domains of technology, education and language studies.

We believe that by joining our expertise and efforts we will be able to facilitate the merging research and practice and raise technological awareness in the international community for the purposes of education, language studies and cultural exchange.

The scope of the activities within the association comprises meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops designed and developed to bring educators, researchers and practitioners together to discuss urgent problems of the language studies, education, and technologies.

Our community comprises individual researchers and institutions all round the world. Our partners are in Great Britain, Bolivia, Spain, Canada, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Pakistan, Czech Republic, Argentina, and very many others.

You are welcome to join our community for more opportunities of international collaboration and research!