Storytelling an emerging technology to teach in the 21st century

At PATME 2018 which was held in Istanbul Dr. Antonio Reis (Portugal) was discussing an urge to introduce alternative teaching methods. Among them is the storytelling as one of the most appealing educational technologies of nowadays.

During centuries, humankind used stories to communicate, to motivate and to transmit information and knowledge.  However, today in the 21st century, we lost the art and the skills of storytelling. Today the majority are unable to communicate except by mobile equipment. As our students are digital learners, we need a revolution to be prepared to tell our stories, to present our contents, to say our poetry, to express our romanticism through the usage of technologies.

Antonio Reis states that we should be prepared to use digital, multimedia formats of communication using “Storytelling” in our daily lives, in our jobs, in our classrooms or distance teaching contents.

Storytelling is converting complicated ideas into appealing, synthetic and persuasive messages, to be presented in presence or virtual environments, in traditional or digital formats, synchronous or on demand. Storytelling is not questioning what is possible. Storytelling is challenging the impossible. A deep reflection about this subject is absolutely necessary now.

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