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Membership, Partnership, Collaboration – IATELS – International Association for Technology, Education and Language Studies

Membership, Partnership, Collaboration

Membership Services

By joining IATELS you become a part of dynamically developing community of academicians, experts and practitioners who are actively involved in the areas of technologies, education and language studies.

Our growing community expends its ties all round the world and provides opportunities to be in touch with the expert of your professional domain, follow their activities, and to make your achievements known, realise your ambitions in the professional growth and realisation.

Our members include universities, national associations, professional bodies, international networks, research institutions, business companies, and individuals.

Why To Join IATELS?

The membership in the community will give you an opportunity to develop your own academic freedom, extend the area of your professional realisation and fulfil your own ambitions in the area of education, technologies and languages.

With the support of IATELS you will be able to develop your own educational programs, initiate and participate in the international projects, learn, teach, and research overcoming the limits of your geographical location, institution or a job position you are affiliated with.

We are open for new initiatives, bold ideas and the most challenging projects to take up and support.

You can become a leader by yourself developing our IATELS network in your area and extending educational and cultural horizons of your community.

Benefits of Joining IATELS

  1. Special rates for all our programs and events;
  2. Open access to all the research materials published under the umbrella of IATELS;
  3. Possibility to establish and develop IATELS local representation with the rights to develop the IATELS community, organise and hold events/programs, initiate and coordinate projects, etc.
  4. Being published and announced at the community website and all other media available at IATELS;
  5. Free or specially rated publishing in the journals and monographs under the umbrella of IATELS;
  6. Possibility to develop your own workshops, events and conferences under the umbrella of IATELS;
  7. Being informed about the carrier and employment opportunities in the member institutions and other establishments;
  8. Assistance and support in your career development especially concerning the cases of young specialists and university graduates
  9. Possibility to bring your colleagues and friends to our events at the discounted rates;
  10. Guiding and support from our experts in your professional development, publishing papers, developing research and all other endeavours within the competence of IATELS

What Kind of Membership Can You Benefit From?

IATELS provides membership categories that suit various kinds of expectations and circumstances.

Institutional Membership. If you are representing a business, institution or other type of official establishments and seeking for benefits available for all of your members / employees, the institutional membership can be suitable for your purposes. The details of partnership, collaboration, and membership are discussed and shaped according to the profile of your organisation.

Group Membership. In a group of your colleagues you can apply for the group membership and enjoy the benefits all together at the discounted rate. The specifics of collaboration and membership are defined by your professional purposes and ambitions.

Individual Membership. To develop a leadership under the umbrella of IATELS you can apply for the individual membership. It provides access to all benefits of being IATELS member, extending over the opportunity to develop your own brand and networks under the umbrella of IATELS.

Conditions of membership and collaboration can be defined in every individual cases. We can adjust IATELS membership to your professional profile, purposes and ambitions.

To become an IATELS member, please fill in the application form.