About Us

IATELS – International Association for Technology, Education and Language Studies

International Association for Technology, Education and Language Studies (IATELS) is an international community, established in 2018 with the support of StartinForum International Project Management and Business Consultancy Company (Turkey).

IATELS was set as an open international academic, research and educational community to bring together all those who are interested in education, technology and languages from all round the world. 

The idea to develop IATELS was moved by the need to establish a vigorous academic community which would unite researchers, practitioners, administrative bodies and institutions to enhance communication and experience sharing in the domains of technology, education and language studies.

Despite the fact that nowadays there is a big number of different academic organisations and associations, IATELS’s prime aim was to target the most important and fast developing areas – education, technology and languages, based on the principles of:

  • inclusiveness;
  • open opportunities;
  • collaboration and support.

Realising that Education, Technologies and Languages are the cornerstones of developing and functioning international society of nowadays, being powerful streams to unite in multidisciplinary approaches, IATELS was established and developed with a vision to enhance international collaboration within the targeted areas, inviting the best practices, recent technological advances, research findings and achievements to facilitate sharing, learning and enlightening.

All together the vision of establishing IATELS can be laid out in a few main statements:

  • A belief that each experience is unique and should be given a way to be recognised;
  • Support to researchers at every stage of their academic and professional career;
  • Opportunities for initiatives, self-realisation and creativity;
  • Openness for all cultures and educational backgrounds;
  • Possibilities for career development and professional realisation;
  • Inclusiveness and pluralism as a ground for learning and growth.

Vision and Mission


We believe that education is a key to develop society, bring up new generations and a way to ensure future progress of the countries, communities and the world.

Education is something which is always on, regardless of the age, acquired experience, gained degrees and qualifications.

In today’s changing world people should stay open to learn and acquire new skills to pace up with the changes, technological progress and all societal processes.

That is why we believe that IATELS should become an international platform, which would provide opportunities to learn collaboratively by sharing experiences and constructing new knowledge and ideas with the efforts and expertise of IATELS community.

IATELS Association is an open space, welcoming everybody who is interested in science, education and research, regardless of their cultural, educational and religious backgrounds.

IATELS Association promotes values, shared by all the humankind, and works to unite cultures and people in mutual work and creation to reach aims for better education and life conditions for everyone.

We believe that the academic world, united by a good will, can bring significant positive changes to the society, nourishing equality, inclusion, responsibility and philanthropy.


Today technology is a moving force for all processes in society and economies.

Technology goes several steps ahead of the common life style and defines the future of education, work, employment, market and production.

In a speedy development of technologies people need to learn how to pace up, adjusting their skills and habits to a changing world, enhanced with technology.

Within Technology IATELS works to:

  • develop new technological solutions;
  • test technologies, experiment with their implementation and conduct research accordingly; 
  • implement existing and new technologies in work, life and education;
  • enhance technological competences in the society;
  • train people how to use technologies for different purposes;
  • prepare employees for technologically – enhanced working environments via trainings, educational and psychological support, etc;
  • develop new technological solutions for the societal needs. 

Language Studies

Another cornerstone of the societal progress and development is language. It is a means to express oneself and to reach mutual understanding.

With merging communities, markets, shaping and reshaping the areas and economies, language is a tool for the one to become an active participant of the  processes or, in case of its absence, to be thrown away and locked in some micro space.

To know at least one more language to add to the native one is already a norm, but in a multinational community with high migration and merging different societies, three, four and five languages in one’s repertoire are more and more common.

We witness the development of new generation which takes easy switches between different language codes, being flexible to interact in physical and virtual environments. 

With open borders and spaces, especially via Internet, languages change too. They change their forms, ways of functioning, meanings, areas of usage. All these processes occur so quickly that was unthinkable even ten years ago.

Considering the global linguistic processes and needs for higher and more diverse language competences IATELS sees its mission in three directions : Research – Implement – Educate.

Within our research priorities are the directions:

  • languages and their development in present and through times;
  • language use and functioning in different areas;
  • natural and artificial languages;
  • testing and analysing language means and their effects on a person’s behaviour, community’s processes, social changes;
  • translation theories and practices in translating cultures rather than texts and words;
  • language and technology;
  • language forms and meanings;
  • language processing technologies, etc.

“Implement” entails:

  • testing methodologies, theories and approaches;
  • testing language technologies;
  • measuring the value and impact of the language theories, applications, methods, etc; 
  • analysing outcomes from the implementation, and so on.

In “Educate” IATELS works to:

  • develop and implement new educational programs and training programs concerning languages and language competences;
  • enhance literacy and communicative skills;
  • raise awareness about cultures and languages;
  • teach how to use language technologies for better work and education;
  • implement technologically – enhanced educational programs, aiming language skills and competences, etc.

We believe that by joining our expertise and efforts we will be able to facilitate merging of research and practice, raise technological awareness in the international community for the purposes of education, language studies and cultural exchange.

IATELS Activities

The scope of IATELS Association’s activities, which are conducted nationally and internationally, covers the following:

  • development and implementation of research projects;
  • organising national and international meetings, conferences, seminars;
  • development of educational projects at the national and international level;
  • publication activities (publishing papers, books, journals, manuals, etc);
  • testing technological tools, methodologies, approaches, equipments;
  • facilitating implementation of new technologies into the context of education and business;
  • organising courses and training programs;
  • providing consultancy in designing educational programs and establishing educational institutions and centres; 
  • delivering academic and business consultancy;
  • establishing its own educational centres, organisations and institutions;
  • establishing partnerships with other organisations for the purposes of educational and research activities;
  • participating and initiating philanthropic projects and activities;
  • organising informational sessions and activities;
  • designing and implementing promotional activities;
  • participating in production and design of new products which are within the competences of IATELS or in a collaboration with other organisations;
  • producing things, services and products according to the national and international needs by the forces and expertise of IATELS and in collaboration with other national and international organisations;
  • raising public awareness of IATELS activities nationally and internationally via formal and informal channels, face-to-face and virtually in websites, social media, online platforms, etc;
  • supporting creativity and entrepreneurship of youth, disadvantaged groups via organising charity programs, fairs, auctions; 
  • promote adult education in different forms of life-long learning and training, enhancing inclusion of the mature generation into modern economies, education and business;
  • conducting psychological and social research as social polls, interviewing, collecting and analysing massive data, preparing reports as required;
  • testing new tools and products, organising necessary measurements and data collection;  
  • developing new technological tools for the purposes of education and business;
  • collaborating with formal and informal educational, administrative, business and social organisations for the purposes of education and research; etc. 

Nowadays our community comprises individual researchers and institutions all round the world. 

They are from Great Britain, Bolivia, Spain, Canada, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, USA, Turkey, Pakistan, Czech Republic, Argentina, and very many others.

We hope that further development of IATELS projects and activities will open new collaborative opportunities for more individuals and organisations all round the world.