APBM 2020 – Applied Psychology and Business Management

APBM 2020 International Conference on Applied Psychology and Business Management was 6th International Conference organised by IATELS and the first one, devoted to the problems of psychology and business.

The conference had been planned since 2019 to be held in Malta in June, 2020. Unfortunately because of the COVID lockdown, the APBM conference as many other international academic events was decided to be cancelled.

Yet, due to the numerous inquiries about the conference, wide interest among academicians and businesses from different countries to participate in the conference, it was decided to hold APBM 2020 on 30 – 31 of October in Izmir (Turkey).

It was a great pleasure to see that the initiative to organise an academic event in the field of psychology and business evoked so much interest in different academic and business circles. The special topic of the conference “Global Lockdown: Personality, Society, Business, Economies” attracted presenters and listeners from various countries and institutions. 

The organising committee of the conference received a big number of applications from the presenters and visiting groups, who expressed their interest to participate in the conference in-person and online. They were coming from Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Ghana, Poland, Germany, Pakistan, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Greece, and many others. 

Travelling to Turkey turned to be quite a complicated trip for very many applicants who had to pass through strict procedures of the visa formalities and COVID tests. Considering travel complications and yet our colleagues’ eagerness to attend the conference in-person, it was decided to hold the conference in the blended mode, providing the opportunities to visit Turkey to all those who were determined to come and giving the opportunities to join the conference online for all those who could not overcome the distance due to the travel restrictions.

Despite all difficulties the conference took place and was launched timely on 30 of October in Izmir, in Swiss Grand Hotel (Turkey). 

To find out more about APBM 2021 and its meetings in 2021 please follow the link.

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