Emerging Research and Technologies from Kazakhstan

Assist. Prof. Dr. Rinat Zhanbayev (Almaty University of Power Engeneering and Telecommunications named after G. Daukeev, Kazakhstan) presented the results of their recent study in the field of the education and technology at the International Conference on Applied Psychology and Business Management APBM 2020 in Izmir (Turkey).

The presentation titled as “Development and Implementation of Foresight-Oriented methods of Training PhD Students” evoked a wide interest among the conference participants seeing it as a promising innovation to merge recent advances in technology and education to train PhD students according to the needs of the international market and businesses.

Despite the difficulties caused by the travel restrictions due to the COVID pandemic and the earthquake that struck the city of Izmir (Turkey) Assist. Prof. Dr. Rinat Zhanbayev (Almaty University of Power Engeneering and Telecommunications named after G. Daukeev, Kazakhstan) managed to make a trip to attend APBM 2020, the International Conference on Applied Psychology and Business Management.

After the conference Dr. Rinat Zhanbayev had a meeting with Prof. Dr. Iryna Sekret, Chair of the IATELS Committee, International Association for Technology, Education and Language Studies.

Within the framework of APBM 2020, the 6th IATELS International Conference (October, 30-31 2020), Dr. Rinat Zhanbayev presented the monograph “Development and implementation of foresight-oriented methods of educational work of PhD and Masters students” which was issued by the project group of Dr. Saule Savetovna from Almaty University of Power Engeneering and Telecommunications named after G. Daukeev (Kazakhstan).

During the conference and after-conference meetings there were a lot of discussions concerning the theoretical and practical value of the project and the monograph. The participants also shared their visions on implementing the outcomes of the projects in the settings of other international communities.

Dr. Rinat Zhanbayev was happy to see that the results of their project work were highly appreciated by all participants in the discussion.

At the end of APBM 2020 International Conference Prof. Dr. Iryna Sekret, IATELS Committee Chairman, handed Dr. Rinat Zhanbayev a certificate for his fruitful work and achievements in science and educational technologies.

Altogether the meeting participants discussed the perspectives of future collaboration in the domains of education and technologies, developing a strategic plan for reinforcing the international integration of the academicians from Kazakhstan and namely young researchers to the international academic community through enhancing their competences in Professional and Academic English, unifying standards of scientific methodologies and paper publishing, collaboration in multicultural academic environment, international project development and academic training.


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